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July 17th, 2014Songbooks coming soon

At long last we have published books of sheet music for your playing pleasure! Each book contains 9 songs (written by various members of M4) arranged for trumpet, trombone, or sax. We’re still finishing up the Gospel score with all the instruments, which will hopefully be done this summer in time for the 2014 fall school year. Links for purchasing coming soon!

songbook cover SAXsongbook cover trumpet_updatedsongbook cover trombone












June 2nd, 2014On tour now! June 2014

M4-handbill2014- tour flyer new front

Thu. Jun 26 Durango, CO Animas Theater  (JOIN/SHARE on Facebook)

Fri. Jun 27 Louisville, CO Louisville Street Fair (JOIN/SHARE on Facebook)

Sat. June 28 Salt Lake City, UT Utah Arts Festival (JOIN/SHARE on Facebook)

Sun. June 29 Salt Lake City, UT Utah Arts Festival (JOIN/SHARE on Facebook)

More tour dates>>

May 17th, 2014Official M4 Music Video: Shindig

We’re proud to present our first-ever professionally produced music video for our new single, Shindig (written by Cameron DePalma).

Get the track and video from iTunes and add it to your favorite playlist!


January 24th, 2014Fat Tuesday: MarchFourth’s 11th Anniversary Spectacular

This band was originally founded to play a Mardi Gras party in Portland, OR on Fat Tuesday March 4, 2003. The party was put on by a loosely organized group of artists who found each other in the early days of the Alberta Arts District. Following the huge success of their original Chow Yun Fat Tuesday party in 2002 (a Mardi Gras/Chinese New Year theme), the 2003 event (dubbed Chow Yun Fat Twosday) was to feature a marching band, complete with stilt walkers and fire dancers. Named after the date of the first show, MarchFourth Marching Band was born. So in many ways, this year’s 11th anniversary is a very special birthday. March 4th won’t fall on Fat Tuesday again until 2025!


All Ages early show: 
Doors/DJ GlobalRuckus: 6 pm
Joy  Now Band: 6:40 pm
M4: 7 pm
kids 3 and under: FREE
kids 4-12: $9 adv/$12 dos
teens/adults: $12 adv/ $15 dos

21+ late show
Doors/DJ GlobalRuckus: 9 pm
M4: 10 pm
21+ : $23 adv / $27 dos

We’re also offering a VIP ticket that includes entry to both shows and a meet & greet in Lola’s room 8-9 PM.



August 21st, 2013National Tour 2013


Thu. Oct 10 Asheville, NC The Orange Peel (Share the Facebook Event)

Fri. Oct 11 Harrisburg, PA Abbey Bar at ABC (Share the Facebook Event)

Sat. Oct 12 Arlington, VA Artisphere (Share the Facebook Event)

Sun. Oct 13 Virginia Beach, VA Jewish Mother (Share the Facebook Event)

Tue. Oct 15 St. Louis, MO 2720 Cherokee (Share the Facebook Event)

Wed. Oct 16 Lawrence, KS Bottleneck (Share the Facebook Event)

Thu. Oct 17 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre (Share the Facebook Event)

Fri. Oct 18 Bellvue, CO SpokesBuzz Lounge (Share the Facebook Event)

Mon. Oct 21 Portland, OR Mondays at the Mall

Sat. Oct 26 Portland, OR PSU Stott Center-with OKGO (Share the Facebook Event)

July 22nd, 2013Big Band in Little China: A Documentary Film project

We need your help to make a film about our trip to China. Visit our Kickstarter campaign to pledge your support before Aug 5, 2013!

Visit our Kickstarter campaign by Aug 5, 2013 to help fund this film!

MarchFourth spent two weeks in Henan,China as cultural ambassadors of the United States. Help us make the film and tell the story.

In April, 2013, MarchFourth Marching Band was honored to receive an invitation to do a US State Department cultural exchange tour in China, sponsored jointly by the United States Embassy in Beijing, Sias International University, Sias Foundation, and the Government of Henan China Cultural Affairs. We had only one month to prepare for the tour, and did not even receive the full itinerary until the band landed in Beijing. We really had no idea what we were in for.

The MarchFourth in China film traces the band’s path through Henan, a relatively remote province of China. Often referred to as the “Cradle of Chinese Civilization,” Henan culture is distinctly rural and far from the flashy bling of big cities like Shanghai or Hong Kong. Located in the fertile region of the Yellow River, the area’s economy is an agricultural and resource-based one. To put it in context, we were commonly advised to “think Kansas.” The freaky and urban MarchFourth juxtaposed against Henan’s traditionally more rural reality is at the heart of this story’s magic. While the band has much experience performing for unsuspecting audiences, the contrast between style and musical aesthetic in this culture was extreme, and got to the heart of the mission of the trip.

That such a large, eclectic, outside-the-box band was chosen to represent American musical culture struck many as an odd, but strangely perfect, choice. Fans and friends expressed their feelings of pride that something so very unique, that they felt connected to, would be sent on such a mission. Now we want to tell the story. We are producing a 50-60 minute documentary, including travel footage, live performances, behind-the-scenes intrigue, and video shot on an iphone from the “bands’-eye” view. The finished film will be free to watch on youtube, not a merchandise item. In order to give it away, and share it far and wide, we need your help. We are asking for just what we need to finance the completion, duplication, and release of the film. Please help us get this amazing story out to the world!

June 23rd, 2013“Gospel” is the mystery track for ‘Monsters University’ closing credits

Disney/Pixar’s newest release, ‘Monsters University’, is the prequel to its mega-hit ‘Monsters, Inc.’ The MarchFourth Marching Band track “Gospel” (from our 2009 album, Rise Up) is not only featured in the official ‘Monsters University’ trailer, but can also be heard twice in the film and in the closing credits. Some people even thought “Gospel” might be the movie’s theme song since it was used so many times! The rest of the ‘Monsters University’ film score was composed by Randy Newman, so there was some confusion about the mystery song in the credits, since it didn’t appear on the official soundtrack of Newman’s compositions. Now the word is getting out that an independent band from Portland, Oregon was responsible for the song, which many have called the catchiest number in the movie. We’re super proud of composer Eric Miller, and all the M4 musicians who recorded that track so many years ago, never suspecting that one day the whole world would be listening.


May 22nd, 2013China Tour Press Release

MarchFourth Marching Band to tour China’s Henan Province on a US State Department diplomatic cultural exchange May 21-June 3, 2013.

PORTLAND, Ore., May 21, 2013 (PRWEB) — MarchFourth Marching Band is embarking on a US State Department cultural exchange tour in China, sponsored jointly by the United States Embassy in Beijing, Sias International University, Sias Foundation, and the Government of Henan China Cultural Affairs. MarchFourth’s eighteen performers (and three crew, including a cameraman/documentarian) will tour the Henan Province of China, putting on shows at universities, arts centers and public squares from May 21-June 3, 2013.

MarchFourth Marching Band is an American music and performance ensemble. Their original music is anchored by funky electric bass, echoing the deepest grooves of American funk, rock, and jazz, framed in cinematic fashion by high-stepping stilt-aerobatics and dazzling dancers, all in fanciful costumes. This genre-busting, circus dance party is not to be missed! What began as a Fat Tuesday band in Portland, Oregon on March 4, 2003, has since become one of the nation’s best live touring acts and an experience that’s not soon forgotten.

Stiltwalker Aaron Lyon explains why MarchFourth Marching Band is a great choice for this kind of cultural exchange. “We are not a lyrically driven stage act. From the moment we start making music and moving, people begin to feel something,” he says. “It’s part of our accessibility. MarchFourth speaks two universal languages–music and dance–and we’re saying ‘Hey everybody! Let’s have a party. Right here. Right now. Just because we can.’”

Cymbal player and tour manager Dan Stauffer adds, “Every time we go abroad we’re bringing something about America that no one sees in the rest of the world. It makes every experience precious in a way that traveling around the States could never be exactly.”

Since the Cold War era, trips like this have long been part of American cultural diplomacy efforts to showcase the American arts and, by extension, our way of life. Some of the first musicians to tour the world on the US State Department dime were jazz greats like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. Though they declined somewhat in the second half of the 20th century, these kinds of programs, which feature all genres of music as well as dance, theater, and fine art, were revived or ­reinvigorated after 9/11 in an attempt to downplay anti-US sentiments around the world.

Download a band photo here

Watch filmmaker Kevin Balmer’s trailer for “Was Ist Das?”, the short documentary made of MarchFourth’s 2009 trip to Germany here

About MarchFourth Marching Band:
MarchFourth Marching Band consists of 18 performers (or so) and features an all-star cast of percussion, saxes, trumpets, trombones, as well as bass and electric guitar and stiltwalkers, acrobats, hula hoops and dancing girls. Their most recent album ‘Magnificent Beast,’ was produced by Steve Berlin (of Los Lobos and was self-released October 2011. Their song “Gospel” will be featured in this year’s highly anticipated Disney/Pixar movie, “Monsters University.” The song will also be heard in the closing credits and the movie trailer.

“From the first note to the last, the sound was pumping and the fun never stopped.” - USA Today // @M4MB

Nayana Jennings
Publicity Manager
MarchFourth Marching Band

May 3rd, 2013MarchFourth Marching Band: cultural ambassadors to China!

MarchFourth Marching Band from Portland, Oregon, USA, is embarking on a US State Department Cultural Exchange Tour in China, sponsored jointly by Sias International University, Sias Foundation, the United States Embassy in Beijing and the Government of Henan China Cultural Affairs. MarchFourth’s 18 performers (and 3 crew, including cameraman/documentarian Kevin Balmer of Diggable Monkey) will tour the Henan Province of China, putting on shows at universities, arts centers and public squares from May 21-June 3, 2013.

Since the Cold War era, trips like this to developing and/or communist countries have long been part of American cultural diplomacy efforts to showcase the American arts and, by extension, our way of life. Some of the first musicians to tour the world on the US State Department dime were jazz greats like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. Though these programs declined somewhat in the second half of the 20th century, they were revived or ­reinvigorated after 9/11 in an attempt to downplay anti-US sentiments around the world.

March 26th, 2013Spring Tour 2013

Yesterday as we were loading up the tour bus for another trip across the USA, the sun was shining in our hometown of Portland. Daffodils were blooming, the cherry blossoms were out, but I guess we’ve got a hankering for a bit more winter because we’re heading east to the Rockies, then out to the Great Lakes and finishing up this trip on the east coast. This is the first tour of our new year (which starts on March 4th of course!) and we are so excited to present some new tunes, new routines and even a new band member or two! You’ll never know quite what you’re going to get since every show is different, but it’s a guaranteed good time. Do us a favor and take a moment to spread the word to any friends and family about our shows, particularly in Madison, WI and Ames, IA and Lincoln, NE and Philadelphia, PA. It helps a lot, thanks!
Huge armfuls of gratitude to everyone for all the birthday wishes over the past few weeks. We’ve really been feeling the love from our fans all these years, and especially in March as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our first show. Wow, ten years! It’s been so fun to look back over the years and see where this project has been. It was especially great to have so many of the M4 alumni back on stage for an encore song at our birthday show! If you want to take a peek back, check out this fun slideshow of M4 pics through the years, as seen through the lense of one of our Seattle fans. Our very own Kevin Balmer of Diggable Monkey did this 10-year retrospective mini-short film for Portland Monthly’s feature in March.
Check out all our spring tour dates below and we’ll see you on the road. Don’t fret if you don’t see your town on this route…we’ve got another 150 or so days on the road this year and there’s a pretty good chance our paths will cross again soon! As always, you can check our online calendar for the latest info since our summer tour is starting to take shape!
2013 spring tour dates
Tue., March 26 Park City, UT Park City Live
Wed., March 27 Telluride, CO Sheridan Opera House
Thu., March 28 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre
Fri., March 29 Aspen, CO Spring Jam
Sat., March 30 Steamboat Springs, CO Gondola Plaza
Sun., March 31 Laramie, WY Gryphon Theatre
Tue., April 2 Lincoln, NE Bourbon Theater
Wed., April 3 Davenport, IA Redstone Room
Thu., April 4 Madison, WI Majestic Theater
Fri., April 5 Chicago, IL Martyrs
Sat., April 6 Minneapolis, MN Cabooze
Sun. April 7 Ames, IA DG’s Tap House
Tue., April 9 Cincinnati, OH Taft Theatre
Wed., April 10 Harrisburg, PA Abbey Bar
Thu-Fri., April 11-12 Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Bowl
Sat., April 13 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Soundstage
Sun. April 14  Philadelphia, PA The Blockley